About us

Overview of Knoware clients, business and project engagements

Upright Knoware bannerOur clients include over 30 of some of the largest organisations in New Zealand, and several Australian organisations including:

  • Major corporates from such industries as banking, insurance and retail
  • Government ministries and SOEs
  • Education institutions, health providers (DHBs).

Knoware is on the AOG Consulting Panel Tranche 2 in the following sub categories;

  • Business Change
  • Operations Management and Risk
  • Policy, Research and Development

Knoware has a culture of working closely with our clients to ensure maximum knowledge transfer, and a commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Examples of the types of projects Knoware personnel work on are:

  • EIM projects including metadata, taxonomies
  • Analysis and data mining projects, including survey analysis
  • Data management, extraction, manipulation, cleansing and validation projects
  • Data warehousing projects – including design, managerial, process, review and implementation
  • Business intelligence projects, including data extraction, preparation and loading to the data warehouse, and information delivery through appropriate mechanisms
  • SAS system infrastructure projects. This includes establishing an effective environment for preparing, storing and delivering information for an organisation
  • Involvement with the setting up of many analytical environments in New Zealand.