We are on the AoG Consultancy Panel (all of Government)

AOG Consulting Panel 

We are pleased to announce that Knoware is on the authorised AOG Consulting Panel in the following sub categories (using our company name The Knowledge Warehouse Limited);

    • Business Change
    • Operations Management and Risk
    • Policy, Research and Development
    • Assurance
    • Audit
    • Finance and Economics

We assist organisations to better meet their goals and objectives by using information in
a better and more effective way.

see below for more details

Business Change
– Analysis and bench-marking
– Change Planning
– Change Strategy including advice, development and review

Operations Management and Risk Management
– Transaction and data processing
– Reporting and monitoring frameworks
– Risk identification, treatment and management
– Risk register development
– Risk strategy – advice, development and review

Policy, research and development
– Research services
– Policy strategy (development and review)

Quality Assurance and advice
Technical quality assurance and advice
Quantitative risk analysis

IT systems audit
Internal audit, investigations and advisory service
Special purpose audits and review engagements

Finance and Economics:
Economic analysis and modelling
Systems and Solutions