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SUNZ 2018

Date: 12th June 2018

Location: Wellington

Colin Harris– Knoware’s Technical Director presented a paper titled:

“Storytelling and Infographics with SAS”

Storytelling is a hot topic at present as many business people feel they aren’t getting easily understandable results from analysts and IT. As analysts we can do it better.

What is data storytelling and the key skills required?

How can SAS tools help in this area? Lots! Good, professional results can be achieved using SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Add-in to Microsoft Office, Enterprise Guide and with SAS coding. SAS Viya has made big/exciting developments in this area also.

This presentation provides practical information to grow your SAS skills for data storytelling. 

Knoware’s Paul Chik – Lead Analytics Consultant presented a paper at SUNZ 2018 on “How to assess the performance of listed companies and to strategize your investment in a Stock Market using Data Envelopment”

The primary objective of this paper is to introduce what the author considers as an underrated technique in the world of analytics but powerful in identifying good performing companies based on their financial information. The technique is called the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA model) using Linear Programming method.


Knoware has sponsored SUNZ over many years and has made significant contributions to the success and support for SUNZ and the many SAS professionals working in the New Zealand marketplace.

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