Hooking up SAS and Excel

Hooking up SAS and Excel

Ensure you know the best and latest SAS and Excel integration techniques to:

  • Get the best results
  • Save you time

Interfacing between SAS and Excel is one of the most common things that SAS analysts or developers need to do. There are over 20 different ways to interface SAS and Excel, either to read Excel data into SAS or to produce or update Excel spreadsheets from SAS.

New techniques are being added all the time, like the recent impressive ODS Excel option.

Make sure you are aware of all main techniques, to be able to use the most appropriate approach for your business needs.  Get a comprehensive overview of the key techniques, and see them in action, in this information packed half-day session.

This seminar will give an overview of 12 different techniques, and the pros and cons of each. It will range from simply creating a basic Excel spreadsheet through to updating a pre-formatted spreadsheet, including pivot tables and charts.

The main techniques covered include:

  • Import and export wizards
  • Output delivery System (ODS)
    • ODS CSV, XML, HTML and Office2K methods
    • ODS ExcelXP tagset
    • ODS Excel (new and excellent!)
  • SAS Excel Libname engine
  • SAS Add-in to Microsoft Office (AMO)

Some other techniques will be covered briefly, including:

  • Third-party control code – .Net, VBA or Java
  • OLEDB, ODBC, DDE (and why it should be replaced!)

A number of techniques require base SAS only, and others need additional products, for example SAS/Access to PC File Formats.

Private in-house seminars are also available, where content can be customised and cost per person is reduced

This course is run according to demand. To express you interest please contact Suzanne on +64 4 499 9246 or email suzanne.turner@knoware.co.nz 

8:45am Registration, Seminar 9:00am to 12:30pm per workshop

Dave Shea, Knoware’s Knoware’s expert for integrating SAS and Excel

$265 plus GST for each workshop per person
(or $225 plus GST for  a group of 5 or more people from one organisation)

SAS users (any level)

Level 4, Plimmer Towers, 2 – 6 Gilmer Terrace, Wellington; or your place

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If you have any questions call Suzanne on 04 499 9246 or email on suzanne.turner@knoware.co.nz