Large Data Warehouse case study

Data Warehouse case study

Knoware was instrumental in developing one of the first major data warehouse in New Zealand, starting in 1996. It is still one of the largest data warehouses in New Zealand.

It takes data from multiple source systems, supports over 100 analysts in five different government departments, and provides customised reporting to several thousand users through an Intranet.

  • It records a full unit record history of all events for all systems. With this history it can recreate reports as at any given point in time, and track all events, for all clients, through any period of time and across all data systems.
  • Verification processes regularly prove that the data in the warehouse is correct.
  • Metadata is generated and maintained by the data warehouse system to support the work of the business analysts. It documents the rules on how to use the data, and guarantees the quality of the information.
  • Security controls appropriate access to the data to ensure that analysts see only the data they need to do their work.
  • Front line staff around the country can access information without the need to learn complex software, data or systems. They can point and click, slice and dice, drill down, and explore. For the client, this has created a whole new way of managing and operating their business.
  • Portals provides secure access to case load and case management information for around 4,000 front-line staff in service centres from around the country. Staff can generate standard reports when they like; or customize and filter their own information.
  • Knowledge transfer means that the data warehouse is now fully operated by the client. And like any successful data warehouse project, it continues to grow.

“It is very satisfying to know that this data warehouse continues to provide the sound infrastructure that’s so important to high quality information delivery.” says Clare Somerville, Knoware’s Managing Director.