Using Microsoft SharePoint to hold IT Programme Documentation – case study

This case study highlights the planning and structuring analysis needed to make effective use of SharePoint site as a tool to hold IT Programme Documentation

In 2012, a large programme consolidated IT systems in a major organisation.

The programme needed a single authoritative repository for key programme documents, to:

  • Create an authoritative record of a significant programme
  • Facilitate decision-making and meet audit requirements
  • Create a resource for future re-use.

Simple site structure

The site structure is very simple, with a few libraries as “big buckets” for many documents. The library structure was built to suit the BAU teams who inherited the work of the project. The technical libraries are built around system groupings, not project workstreams.

  • Behind the scenes, tags (metadata) were developed, e.g. Document type, System, Testing Phase, with controlled lists to populate each tag
  • Some tags permitted multiple values, so that a document can be associated more than one system or project milestone
  • Content types were used to apply appropriate tags to relevant documents
  • System-testing documents were tagged with the relevant system(s)
  • End-to-End testing documents are system-independent.

It is easy to apply retention and disposal rules in this metadata-rich environment.

Filter to find

The Multi System library holds more than 200 documents that apply across multiple systems. Filtering on columns means there are several ways to “slice and dice” to find documents with precision. Filtering on Workstream and Document Type = “SAD”, returns 2 documents.

In the Governance library, meeting documents are tagged with “Name of Committee” and “Date of Meeting”. Meeting documents can also be found independently of Committee, e.g. by “Document Type”.

User reaction

Typical user reaction is “Beautiful” and “This is a good model for how we should be working”.