Papers of interest

This page lists the papers that have been written by our team of consultants. You are welcome to view the full paper, (please respect our intellectual property)

Check out our latest papers No. 7 on ways of using SAS to create Dashboard reporting and No. 8 on how Enterprise Guide is the Gateway to SAS

    1. Finding the keys to your business in the dark
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  • Folders are not the solution, they are the problem
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    This article written by Trish O’Kane describes a number of approaches to reducing the tendency to use a folders/hierarchy first paradigm to information management and recommends a faceted approach



  • Many Ways of Creating Dashboards Using SAS
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    This paper was written by Mark Bodt and presented at the 2014 SAS Global Form discusses ways of providing dashboard capabilities using “out of the box” solutions such as SAS Visual Analytics, SAS BI Dashboard, and alternative solutions using SAS Stored Processes, batch processes and SAS Integration Technologies.