Reaping the benefits of the real value of business intelligence

How to look closer at your business using your existing business intelligence investment

You are thinking about success if you believe that using a “business intelligence” (BI) approach is invaluable to running your organisation.

You are also likely to want to make sure that the money spent on developing and running your business reporting is producing the information needed to answer the best questions.

You also probably want to reduce your BI costs and still get the best results.

Our team of consultants make this possible by using Knoware’s processes to recommend to you options for achieving the best results from your investment BI, and by drawing upon our experiences from working with NZ’s largest government and corporate organisations. 


Using your data for analysis to make smart business decisions.

Business intelligence involves pulling in a range of data from multiple sources, analysing it, asking insightful questions and using the results to make decisions to drive your organisation or business to achieve your planned outcomes and measuring the results.

Collecting data on a daily basis can be all consuming, when you will get the best from putting most of your effort into querying and analysing your data.

What are the signs that we need to improve our BI approach?

If just one of the following is true for you, then improving your use of BI techniques is possible:

  • You get different answers from parts of your organisation to the same question about what is going on.
  • You spend most of your effort and money collecting data.
  • Your reports don’t tell you what you want to know and can’t be trusted.
  • Spreadsheets are used frequently to get the answers you need.
  • You don’t get the answers you want and the answer you get are not provided quick enough.
  • Your information has different names and labels.
  • Your current system has not been overhauled in the last 5 years. 
  • You need to provide more information to my stakeholders and don’t have a solution to do this.

Collecting data and having the right BI tool is only part of the answer.  Using the right BI strategy, tactical plan and trained people completes the answer. 

Organisations are all complex, whether you are small or large. This truism tells you that you also really need a plan, and a team to make things work. This message sounds important and it is.  Why is it so important to get this right for your organisation?

Bill Gates said, “The way you collect, manage and use information will determine whether you become a winner or a loser”.