“1-2-1” coaching for your SAS users

Get the SAS training and support your people need when they need it and help them become even more effective with our “1 – 2 – 1” coaching services

Fixed training course schedules don’t work all the time for everyone’s work and personal commitments, which is why Knoware offers a more flexible training service.

Computer study

  • Knoware’s “1 – 2 – 1” coaching can be run where,  and when you wish it to be run.
  • Training equips your team members with knowledge, but sometimes that knowledge is only part of the support needed to help your team members become really effective in their jobs. We recommend following up training with “one on one” mentoring working on actual SAS project tasks; for example designing a new report enquiry
  • We can also provide support to help your people achieve their project tasks at any time. It doesn’t have to be linked to any specific training course attended. This can be part time or full time for a defined period or budget allocation. How it works is that Knoware’s mentor works onsite with your team member for a specified number of hours with specific work goals in mind.
  • Our training support also includes phone call support for your team member for encouragement,
    quick answers to questions and problem resolution.