SAS technical expertise for projects and support

Whether you are looking for assistance with SAS version upgrades or technical support, we can help your project team or do the work for you.

Use our advice, assistance and experience for your next SAS version upgrade to smooth the transition for you.

new-sas-graphics-dec-2015Periodic internal projects to upgrade your SAS enterprise solution to a new version are a necessary fact of IT life.

  • Our Knoware team regularly works on version upgrades, and are certified by the SAS Institute to a high level as a result of their rigorous training
  • Our experiences can help to make the upgrade process smoother for you and more efficient in time and money
  • We can provide you with technical assessment, design, installation, and configuration of the new SAS environment
  • Your understanding and planning for server and database demands may be assisted with our guidance
  • We also can assist with migration and training of users and data to new environment.

All of which, as you know, are very important to ensure your project’s success.

Our SAS technical director is ready to talk with you about your next project.






If you want technical support for your SAS platform that is tailored to meet your needs and budget. Knoware’s expert team is ready to work with you.

Select your preferred level of service from the following choice or let us personalise a solution tailored to your SAS environment.

Phone or email to discuss the right technical support for you.


Knoware’s core service package provides the essentials:

  • Monitoring service stability
  • Problem resolution service
  • Advice on upgrades & hot-fixes
  • “Health checking” your system regularly.

Priority (service add-on)

Providing a set number of extra hours of expert help each month covering:

  • Best practice data and information management advice
  • Security
  • Governance.

Performance (service add-on) for medium to large organisations

  • All features of the ServicePlus and Priority packages
  • Specific “user community” support
  • Technical environment services
  • Training for your staff to transfer our knowledge
  • Standardising your procedures
  • Strategies for mitigating risk.

Premium (service add-on) for smaller organisations

Providing best possible support for your SAS environment when you don’t have the necessary specialised resource available.

  • All features of the ServicePlus and Priority packages
  • Full “hands-on” SAS platform administration.