Working for Knoware

Knoware can offer you positions in a range of contract and permanent IT situations.

The positions typically require varying skill levels ranging from graduate entry level right through to highly specialised, and cover a variety of disciplines.

We cover all aspects of enterprise information management including analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing and we want to find people with a wide range of skill-sets covering analysis, project management, technical support. We have a specific SAS services practice and usually have a range of positions available with SAS as the required skill set.

If you are considering a change, you want either a contract or permanent position, you enjoy working in a very professional environment, and you feel that you have a real contribution to make then email your CV and a covering letter to

Benefit from working with us

There are many benefits of working with Knoware as either a permanent employee or associate, you will enjoy advantages such as:

  • You will work independently on Knoware client projects, backed up by Knoware’s team, processes, knowledge base, and support infrastructure
  • We offer you a range of projects with a huge variety of clients
  • We aim to match your skills, and interests with our clients’ needs
  • Continuity of team personnel is important for our clients, however our team is large enough to circulate our people
  • We work actively and constantly with you and our clients to achieve continuity of work for you
  • You can tap into our vast knowledge base as you require it for your own work. At Knoware, we pride ourselves on being a repository of knowledge in EIM, data warehousing and business intelligence
  • You will participate in Knoware’s professional development programme, which keeps you up-to-date on latest technology trends and knowledge, and focuses on your skill development
  • You will have unique access to specialist training programmes and resources made available to Knoware through our strategic partnership with SAS Institute NZ
  • Use our business systems to minimise your administration time. These systems are part of our Quality Assurance Programme and are certified ISO 9001 standards
  • You are covered under Knoware’s professional indemnity insurance for any liabilities arising from your actions or advice, which saves you money each year.


Choose to be a Knoware employee or associate

Your first decision is likely to be whether you would like to join Knoware as an Employee or as an Associate.

As an employee:

  • You have the benefits of a regular salary paid monthly
  • You enjoy the protection of the Employment Relations Act 2000 such as holiday pay, sick leave and parental leave
  • You have little administration work apart from keeping accurate timesheets and ISO task related activities such as regular project progress reports
  • The risk of continuity of work is Knoware’s responsiiblity. If Knoware doesn’t have a suitable opportunity at a particular point in time, your employment still continues.

As a Knoware associate:

  • You enjoy higher hourly rates and the flexibility of when you choose to work, that comes with being a contractor
  • You also solely take the financial risk of there being a lack of suitable work, or of full time work
  • You organise and complete your own IRD returns, GST returns, tax and ACC payments for your business
  • You are not entitled to holiday or sick leave as part of your contract with Knoware, and you need to provide financially for these yourself
  • You can likely claim certain expenses involving your work as tax deductible
  • The ultimate risk of continuity of work lies with you. We always use our best endeavours to secure you continuity of work, however this continuity depends on finding assignments that match your skills, experience and rate.

Key attributes of a good consultant

Personal qualities of an effective Knoware consultant include:

  • You are professional, personable, pleasant, a good communicator, and form relationships easily
  • Easily able to talk about the business and translate business problems into IT solutions
  • Works well in a team, and understands that the sum of everyone’s skills, knowledge and outputs is more than each individual’s skills
  • Shares knowledge generously with clients and colleagues
  • Can identify other Knoware opportunities and take these back to the team
  • Continues to learn and grow their skills
  • Confident in their ability to learn new technologies even ones with which they are not currently familiar
  • Can step outside the square to see what else would add value, go beyond what is asked for
  • Contributes ideas and suggestions
  • Copes with politics and difficult people
  • Objectively evaluates work done and learn how to always do it better
  • Identifies issues before they become problems, discusses them with the team at Knoware and works to resolve these
  • Can work to deliver project deliverables within defined time limits and highlight any issues before they become problems.

Contact us for Opportunities

If you’re interested in becoming either an employee or an associate, then please send your CV and covering letter to