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Why Choose Knoware

Knoware is a New Zealand wholly owned IT Consultancy with over 20 years’ experience

We are New Zealand’s largest and most experienced SAS consultancy having formed a close partnership with SAS. We engage with both Government and Private sector organisations of all sizes.

Save time and reduce risk for your organisation’s information management systems by using our expert advice. We specialise in:

  • SAS Expertise

    Expertise across all aspects of SAS

  • Analytics

    Encompasses a wide range of different areas, from data integration and preparation, to simple reporting, through to advanced statistical modelling

  • Information & Data Management

    Empower your organisation by charting the way to your destination

  • Education

    We provide technical training, skills assessments as well as free and paid workshops and seminars

Our team of qualified and certified consultants can help you achieve your organisation’s goals by using proven processes to apply our experiences to your requirements.

  • Craig Skett – FMG

  • Ministry of Social Development

  • They are our strategic and key support partners in the SAS space. If they weren’t around, our cost of operating would be much higher. They give me a level of comfort knowing that if something needs to be carried out, it will be done and done well.

  • Knoware has provided highly skilled consultants to the Ministry for a great many years. They continue to help develop our services whilst contributing to our focus on continued improvement