Education & Mentoring

Effective education equips people to produce better results and be more productive.

Knoware is a Partner to SAS providing services, training, consultants and support
in New Zealand and in Australia, and providing expert speakers to the SAS global forum held in the U.S.A.

SAS Technical Training

Knoware are a SAS Education Partner, and we deliver the majority of SAS Institute training courses in New Zealand on behalf of SAS. This also means we are up to date with the latest technology, whether that be SAS 9 or the new SAS Viya version.

We can provide the full range of SAS training courses for your organisation, and these can be customised to meet your needs. We also provide advice on what is the most effective SAS training for your organisation. We also provide mentoring, to cover topics not included in formal training courses, to provide follow up after training courses to ensure knowledge is understood and embedded, and to assist with specific business problems.

“We can provide all the SAS training & mentoring your organisations needs.”

SAS Seminars & Workshops

We provide a wide range of seminars and workshops, from short free sessions to half day or full day chargeable workshops. Examples include:

  • Best Practice for Analysts and Developers workshops
  • Applying Agile to Analytics and BI
  • Interfacing SAS and Excel – overview of the 12 main methods
  • Data governance in the real world
  • Demystifying Data Management: data lakes, warehouses and vaults.

SAS Skills Assessment

We provide a SAS technical skills assessment service, to ascertain the level of SAS knowledge of an individual. This is useful for recruitment input, or for determining professional development needs for existing team members.

We also provide a wider team-based assessment, to benchmark a team for the skills they should have in a modern analytics environment, and to review general performance of the team.

Effective education equips people to produce better results and be more productive.

Education & Mentoring