About Us

Knoware is a wholly New Zealand owned IT Consultancy based in Wellington and engages with clients across New Zealand and Australia.

We engage with both government and private sector organisations of all sizes. Our expertise spans Enterprise Information Management; Advanced Analytics; SAS Consulting and Education.

Knoware has a culture of working closely with our clients to ensure maximum knowledge sharing, and a commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

We are ISO certified in both Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems.

Our Values

At Knoware, we define ourselves by the values we hold that not only influence the way we work but also set us apart from the competition

  • Honesty

    We hold open communication using clear, unambiguous language and own our actions

  • Quality

    Being a conspicuous centre of excellence whilst continually improving our skills and processes

  • Integrity & Trust

    We strive on being people of integrity & vision, meeting our commitments and building meaningful relationships

  • Partnership

    We aim to support other team members and our clients to help each other fulfil their potential

Meet our Leadership Team

Want to meet some of the talented people behind Knoware? The business is comprised of permanent staff and associates with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. This diversity is something we are proud of

Our Story

Clare Somerville and Colin Harris with several other consultants started trading Knoware in 2003. Clare moved on as Managing Director marking a new phase in Knoware’s future with Cam Chapman stepping up into the role of Chief Executive Officer from 1st May 2020.

We have established our company as a founding leader in the world of business intelligence and the use of data warehouse technologies in New Zealand and Australia.

Our strategy has been to work closely and co-operatively with our corporate and government client organisations.

We provide expert advice, services and support for our clients’ management and internal teams.

Our Knoware team continues to innovate through research and development activities, using the capabilities of our team of consultants and our ability to tap into important overseas trends, developments and standards.

We are regularly asked to speak at local and international conferences.

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Working for Knoware

Knoware has a specific SAS services practice and typically has a range of positions available that require SAS as the skill set.

The positions typically require varying skill levels ranging from graduate entry level right through to highly specialised, and cover a variety of disciplines.

We cover all aspects of enterprise level information and data management including analytics, business intelligence, statistical modelling and data warehousing and we want to find people with a wide range of skill-sets covering analysis, programming, project management, and technical support.

Looking for a new challenge? Get in touch with us or check out our current vacancies.

Key attributes of a good Knoware consultant

  • Are professional, personable, pleasant, a good communicator, and form relationships easily
  • Easily able to talk about the business and translate business problems into IT solutions
  • Works well in a team, and understands that the sum of everyone’s skills, knowledge and outputs is more than each individual’s skills
  • Shares knowledge generously with clients and colleagues
  • Can identify other Knoware opportunities and take these back to the team
  • Continues to learn and grow their skills
  • Confident in their ability to learn new technologies even ones with which they are not currently familiar
  • Can step outside the square to see what else would add value, go beyond what is asked for
  • Contributes ideas and suggestions
  • Copes with politics and difficult people
  • Objectively evaluates work done and learn how to always do it better
  • Identifies issues before they become problems, discusses them with the team at Knoware and works to resolve these
  • Can work to deliver project deliverables within defined time limits and highlight any issues before they become problems.

Benefit from working with us

  • Independance

    You will work independently on Knoware client projects, backed up by Knoware’s team, processes, extensive knowledge base, and support infrastructure, plus the experience from our work with over 65 different client organisations over the years.

  • Career Development

    We can offer position at levels ranging from graduate entry level right through to highly specialised top consulting positions; covering a variety of disciplines including: analytics. SAS, EIM, data warehousing and business intelligence.

  • Variety of Work

    We offer you opportunities to work on a range of projects with a variety of corporate and government clients. The work assignments can be short or medium term. Full time, part time or as a service based team approach.

  • Access our knowledge base

    You can tap into our large knowledge base as you require it for your own work. At Knoware, we pride ourselves on being a repository of knowledge in EIM, data warehousing and business intelligence

  • Skill Development

    Continuous development of your skills is available through formal training, online learning resources and in-house briefing sessions, backed up with your team of colleagues for idea sharing. We encourage and support achieving certification in tools and techniques.

  • Maxmise productive time and minimise your admin

    Use our business systems to minimise your administration time. These systems are part of our Quality Assurance Programme and are certified ISO 9001 standards

About Us