Nataliya Alkhimova

Principal Consultant

Nataliya has proven expertise in delivering data warehouse and business intelligence solutions that support evidence based analytics to help achieve operational and strategic goals. Among her achievements is leading and successfully delivering a project that was described by PWC auditors as “the best example of an agile data warehouse project we have seen”.

Nataliya sees challenges as opportunities and she is known for her unfailing positivity and ability to handle difficult situations gracefully and effectively. She is an excellent team player and enjoys sharing knowledge and growing team capability.

Nataliya is passionate about the Agile way of developing and delivering solutions that leave customers delighted.


Nataliya has over 10 years’ experience in data warehousing and business intelligence. She is skilled and experienced in architecture, design and technical leadership roles, and she is a hands-on developer. Nataliya has strong SAS expertise being certified as a SAS Advanced Programmer and Data Integration Developer. She knows how a good coding or ETL job should look, and uses her knowledge and experience to establish development standards and practices that ensure high quality outputs which teams can stand by proudly.

Nataliya has solid experience in leading Agile teams where she has played roles of scrum master and technical lead.

Nataliya Alkhimova